Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hellstorm: The Movie!

On a number of horror-related forums (and Twitter), I'm known by the screenname Hellstorm, inspired by Warren Ellis' epic run from Marvel Comics.

(The cover in the top left corner wasn't actually a Warren Ellis issue, but it was the first issue I purchased - mostly because I liked the cover - and is the reason I picked up the next issue, which started Ellis' run.)

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Debbie Rochon is working on a new film titled HELLSTORM!

Despite not being related to the comic, I'm hopeful that I'll enjoy it, if only so I can unapologetically display the film's poster (I'm also hoping for a cooler poster, LOL).

Description (and poster) from the film's website: A group of architectural students, their professor and chaperon are trapped in an abandoned building during a freak storm. Soon they encounter something much more terrifying than the storm itself.